Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   :

BFM     001     NILUFER YANYA           SMALL CRIMES                    12"     11.2016

        A       Small Crimes
        B       Keep On Calling
                (Note : 12" , pink vinyl)

Alternative female singer songwriter.
BFM     002     NILUFER YANYA           PLANT FEED                      12"     07.2017

        1       The Florist
        2       Golden Cage
        3       Sliding Doors

These new tracks follow Plant Feed's ‘The Florist’ single and sees the 21-year-old
artist blur classic sounding jazz vibes with her idiosyncratic strain of angular,
organic pop.
BFM     003     GOTTS STREET PARK       VOLUME ONE                      12"     08.2017

        1       Gaucho
        2       Lazy
        3       This World Ft Benny Mails
        4       Ossobuco
        5       Fifty Three
        6       Love In Bad Company Ft Dielle (Alternate Version)
        7       Sleep
        8       Lomo
        9       Control Ft Grand Pax
        10      Don’t Know How

Leeds-based producers turned instrumental collective - plus several guest vocalists
- come together to create an eclectic, exciting and stylish debut EP.

BFM     005     Nilufer Yanya           DO YOU LIKE PAIN?               12"     05.2018

        1.      Baby Luv                                        03:27
        2.      Thanks 4 Nothing                                04:47
        3.      Thanks 4 Nothing (Jazzi Bobbi Remix)            03:37

BFM     007     WESTERMAN               CONFIRMATION                    7"      09.2018

        1.      Confirmation                                    03:29
        2.      I Turned Away                                   03:44

Hotly-tipped London auteur Westerman returns to the fledgling Blue Flowers imprint
with new single "Confirmation". 2017’s Call And Response EP brought free-flowing
comparisons to Nick Drake and Arthur Russell, and those influences remain strong on
this track. Add in a bit of a "Wicked Game" flavour and a few ooh-what's-he-done-there
chord-changes and you've got yourself a leftfield indie hit.
BFM     008     WESTERMAN               EDISON                          7"      09.2018

        1.      Edison                                          04:16
        2.      Easy Money                                      04:32

The comparisons to Arthur Russell have flown freely for Westerman since his emergence
a couple of years back. Russell certainly lurks in the corners of Westerman’s new 
single "Edison"-their singing voices in particular are uncannily similar-though the
song is very much drawing from the Love Is Overtaking Me end of the spectrum.
That means there’s room for plenty of other welcoming folk-/soft-rock influences.