Distr.  : UK - Rough Trade
Style   : lo-fi / ambient /

BLOOD   001 LP  LOVED ONES              HARNESS                         LP      05.2017

Liverpool quartet Loved One’s re-emergence, coupled with their shift in musical
direction, things can only bode well for the swell of new material they are set to
release in 2017. Releasing themselves from the lo-fi and ambient rock of their debut
album The Merry Monarch – having spent much of their recent time involved in soundtrack
work - the new full length Harness sets its stall out as a move into an eclectic, but
no less focussed, sphere of operation.

BLOOD   006 LP  RED KITE                RACQUET                         LP      10.2017
BLOOD   006 CD  RED KITE                RACQUET                         CD      10.2017

        1.      let go the line
        2.      take care of your own
        3.      and yet you miss the sea
        4.      federal government
        5.      kite & crow
        6.      If We Buy A Trainset
        7.      black freighter
        8.      point of light
        9.      manny calavera
        10.     facades
        11.     aen

Fonted by Daniel Fisher (The Cooper Temple Clause) and made up with members of
Minuteman and The Enid, red kite return for their second full length album. An
earth quaking lineup which includes three guitarists and two drummers sees them
step the pace of indie rock up more than a notch.