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Style   : REISSUE -  punk / garage rock / psychedelic / beat / surf / r&b / jazz
                     funk / easy listening / prog rock /

Blank Recording Company brings you rescued, reissued, rediscovered and revived sounds
the globe over.

Many releases will be one time, small run, limited edition pressings.

No stone is being left unturned.

Mastering from analogue master tapes, long out of print albums, lost classics,
previously unreleased, unseen photos. All or some of these will be selling points
for releases on the Blank Recording Company imprint.

Sounds will be running anything and everything from 1960’s garage, 1970’s folk,
1970’s punk rock, Soul, jazz, prog rock and pretty much anything in between.

The Blank Recording Company – yesterday’s sound today.

BRC     001     V / A : Black Diamonds : Singles From The Festival      10x7"   05.2014
                Vault 1965-1969 Volume One

        1       Toni McCann             My Baby
        2       Toni McCann             No
        3       The 4 Strangers         You'll Be Mine
        4       The 4 Strangers         Sad & Lonely
        5       The Blue Beats          Let It Be
        6       The Blue Beats          She's Comin' Home
        7       Derek's Accent          Ain't Got No Feelin'
        8       Derek's Accent          That Is Life Today
        9       The Atlantics           It's A Hard Life
        10      The Atlantics           Why Do You Treat Me Like You Do
        11      The Lost Souls          This Life Of Mine
        12      The Lost Souls          Peace Of Mind
        13      The Black Diamonds      See The Way
        14      The Black Diamonds      I Want, Need, Love You
        15      The Sunsets             Love's Face
        16      The Sunsets             I Want Love
        17      The Playboys            Black Sheep R.I.P
        18      The Playboys            Sad
        19      Inside Looking Out      Long Live Sivananda
        20      Inside Looking Out      On Whom Her Favour Falls
                (Note : 10x7" , 500 copies)
BRC     002     V / A : Black Diamonds : Singles From The Festival      10x7"   05.2014
                Vault 1965-1969 Volume Two

        1       The Showmen             Too Much Monkey Business
        2       The Showmen             Naughty Girl
        3       The Morloch             Every Night
        4       The Morloch             I'm Feelin' Sad
        5       Greg Anderson           I Feel Good
        6       Greg Anderson           When It's All Over
        7       The Five                I Can't Find Her
        8       The Five                There's Time
        9       Blues Rags'n'Hollers    I Just Want To Make Love To You
        10      Blues Rags'n'Hollers    Got Love If You Want It
        11      Russ Kruger             Keep Me Satisfied
        12      Russ Kruger             Tell The Truth
        13      The Atlantics           You Tell Me Why
        14      The Atlantics           Come On
        15      Barrington Davis        As Fast As I Can
        16      Barrington Davis        Raining Teardrops
        17      The Sunsets             The Hot Generation
        18      The Sunsets             This Is What It's All About
        19      Hugo                    Hey! Watch Out
        20      Hugo                    Girl In The Garden
                (Note : 10x7" , 500 copies)

BRC     004     CARRL & JANIE MYRIAD : OF ALL THE WOUNDED PEOPLE...     LP      09.2014

        A1      Mother Hubbard Tomorrow
        A2      923 Mornings
        A3      Balcony
        A4      Silver Rings And Golden Pleasures
        A5      The Ballad Of Rachelene
        B1      Pale Cat Of The Night
        B2      Back In The Wildwoods Again
        B3      Lovers In The Mirror
        B4      The Love Juice Song
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Spin            SEL 934477      1972    NZ
BRC     005
BRC     006     BUSTER BROWN            SOMETHING TO SAY                LP      07.2015

        A1      Rock And Roll Lady                              4:40
        A2      Let Me In                                       3:49
        A3      Buster Brown                                    4:22
        A4      Roll Over, Beethoven                            4:45
        B1      Young Spunk                                     6:07
        B2      Apprentice                                      4:35
        B3      Something To Say                                5:25
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

LP      Mushroom        L35355          1974    Australia
CD      Aztec Music     AVSCD 003       2005    Australia
BRC     007     THE SUNSETS             ANIMAL                          7"        .2015
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)

SIDE 1:         (THE SINGLES)
        1.      The Hot Generation
        2.      This Is What It's All About
        3.      Animal
        4.      Uptight, Out Of Sight
        5.      Theme From A Life In The Sun
        6.      Windansea
        1.      The Hot Generation
        2.      This Is What It's All About
        3.      Animal
        4.      Uptight, Out Of Sight

Superb garage, surf and (freak-)beat sounds from Australia, 1967! This LP compiles
songs from the soundtrack for the surf movie 'The Hot Generation', plus single versions
and previously unissued recordings. Among the highlights is the 8-minute 'Uptight, Out
Of Sight' that's a genre in itself: genuine progressive garage punk! You can see where
the seeds were formed for THE SUNSETS' transition into TAMAM SHUD. Including liner
notes from film maker Paul Witzig and lots of eye candy from the movie, this release is
totally mindblowing!
BRC     009     DARRELL BANKS           DARRELL BANKS IS HERE!          LP      07.2015
BRC     009     DARRELL BANKS           DARRELL BANKS IS HERE!          LP+7"   07.2015

LP      A1      Here Come The Tears                             2:55
        A2      I've Got That Feelin'                           2:12
        A3      I'm Gonna Hang My Head And Cry                  2:45
        A4      Look Into The Eyes Of A Fool                    2:23
        A5      Our Love (Is In The Pocket)                     2:37
        B1      Open The Door To Your Heart                     2:35
        B2      Angel Baby (Don't You Ever Leave Me)            2:54
        B3      Somebody (Somewhere Needs You)                  2:30
        B4      Baby What'cha Got (For Me)                      2:41
        B5      You Better Go                                   2:52

7"      C       Our Love (Is In The Pocket)
        D       Somebody (Somewhere Needs You)

LP      ATCO            33.216          1967    US
BRC     010     THE ID                  BIG-TIME OPERATORS              LP      12.2015

        A1      You Got Me Hummin'
        A2      Papa's Got A Brand New Bag
        A3      If I Had A Ticket
        A4      In The Midnight Hour
        A5      Big Time Operator
        A6      Watch Out
        B1      Sister's Got A Boy Friend
        B2      Devil Got My Woman
        B3      Feel Awright
        B4      How Much Pressure (Do You Think I Can Stand)
        B5      Parchman Farm
        B6      The Jerk

LP      Spin            EL 32 257       1967    Australia
LP      A Shot Of R&B   SHOT 07         ?       Spain
CD      Aztec Music     AVSCD 073       2015    Australia
BRC     011     PSYCHO SURGEONS         CRUSH ON YOU                    7"      02.2015

        A       Crush On You
        B       Falling Apart
                (Note : 7" , 500 copies)
BRC     12      REDD KROSS              THIRD EYE                       LP      06.2015
BRC     12      REDD KROSS              THIRD EYE                       LP      05.2017
                (Note : reissue on coloured vinyl)

Side A  1.      Faith Healer
        2.      Annie’s Gone
        3.      I Don’t Know How To Be Your Friend
        4.      Shonen Knife
        5.      Bubblegum Factory
        6.      Where I Am Today
Side B  1.      Zira (Call Out My Name)
        2.      Love Is Not Love
        3.      1976
        4.      Debbie & Kim

Redd Kross began life as part of the 70’s Los Angeles South Bay punk scene by brothers
Steven and Jeff McDonald who were intermittently joined by a revolving cast of members
including Greg Hetson (Circle Jerks) and Ron Reyes (Black Flag). Full of catchy,
melodic, thrash punk/power pop gems, their major label debut ‘Third Eye’ has been
increasingly hard to come by on vinyl until now.

LP      Atlantic        82148 1         1990    US
CD      Atlantic        82148 2         1990    US
BRC     13      JOHN SANGSTER           THE TRIP                        LP      10.2015

        1       One Note Samba
        2       Thunderball
        3       Call Me
        4       Comin' Home Baby
        5       Spanish Eyes
        6       Mr. Tambourine Man
        7       What's New Pussycat?
        8       Michelle
        9       Cast Your Fate To Wind
        10      Satisfaction
        11      I'll Wait For You
        12      Black Orpheus Medley

A great vinyl reissue of a wonderful 1967 exotica/lounge/jazz LP by Australian cult
musician, composer and arranger JOHN SANGSTER. 'The Trip' is an all cover affair.
A mixed bag of pop hits of the day, from the likes of Bob Dylan, The Beatles and The
Rolling Stones, with Brazilian bossa nova, jazz and takes on soundtrack themes. All
these are done with a remarkable, extremely enjoyable twist.

LP      Festival        FL 32.438       1967    Australia
BRC     14      JOHN SANGSTER           THE JOKER IS WILD               LP      10.2015

        A1      The Joker                                       2:58
        A2      Skokiaan                                        3:05
        A3      Love Is Blue                                    2:43
        A4      Your Mother Should Know                         2:32
        A5      Expo                                            2:52
        A6      A Day In The Life                               2:18
        B1      Serenata                                        2:08
        B2      I Think I'm Going Out Of My Head                2:56
        B3      What Now My Love                                2:42
        B4      Peanut Vendor                                   2:13
        B5      Kaffir Song                                     3:32
        B6      Watermelon Man                                  6:20

A great vinyl reissue of a wonderful 1968 exotica/lounge/jazz LP by Australian cult
musician, composer and arranger JOHN SANGSTER. On his second album you'll find cover
versions of classic songs s.a. 'Love Is Blue', 'What Now, My Love?' and 'A Day In The
Life', combined with tunes from a.o. Cuba, France and even Rhodesia, plus two original
compositions. All tracks were performed in an amazing and extremely enjoyable fashion.

LP      Festival        SFL 933.063     1968    Australia
BRC     015     JOHN SANGSTER           AHEAD OF HAIR                   LP      11.2015

        A1      Tune-In Aquarius
        A2      Donna
        A3      Hashish
        A4      Hair
        A5      I Got Life
        A6      Frank Mills
        A7      Hare Krishna
        B1      Turn-On/Walking In Space
        B2      Drop-Out/Three-Five-Zero-Zero
        B3      What A Piece Of Work Is Man
        B4      Turn-On (Part Two)/Good Morning Starshine
        B5      The Flesh Failures/Let The Sunshine In

LP      Festival        SFL 933.685     1968    Australia
BRC     016     RAY BROWN/MOONSTONE     MAD HOUSE                       LP      02.2016

        A1      Story Of Ali
        A2      Mr. Blue
        A3      King Velvet (King Of The Rodeo)
        A4      Start Of A New Day
        A5      Oh, Sarah
        A6      Flight Of The Gulls
        B1      Run Sylvie Run
        B2      Call Me A Drifter
        B3      Passing The Time
        B4      Carry Me Back To L.A.
        B5      Danville Queen
        B6      Busted

RAY BROWN/MOONSTONE'S sole album, 1970's 'Mad House', is an Australian anomaly of the
time. The music comes across as a potpourri of late '60s US West-Coast sounds, feat.
sitar, tampoura, dholak, tabla, banjo, violin, pedal steel guitar, flute, cello, piano
and more! In the mid-'60s Ray Brown fronted the highly rated group The Whispers,
sharing bills with a.o. Billy Thorpe & The Aztecs, Tony Worsley & The Blue Jays, The
Easybeats, Normie Rowe & The Playboys and Max

LP      Festival        SFL 933.958     1969    Australia
BRC     017     JEFF ST. JOHN'S COPPERWINE : JOINT EFFORT               LP      02.2016

        A1      Cloud Nine
        A2      Sing A Simple Song
        A3      Fanciful Flights
        A4      Any Orange Night
        A5      You Don't Have To Listen
        A6      I Been Treated Wrong
        B1      Days To Come
        B2      Reach Out
        B3      Can't Find My Way Home
        B4      Train
        B5      I Remember
        B6      Environment In 3 Parts

LP      Spin            SEL 9337.42     1971    Australia
CD      Vicious Sloth   VSC 013         1999    Australia
CD      Radioactive     RRCD 073        2004    UK

First wave Sydney punk rock band formed in 1977. After a couple of 7" EP's, they set
about recording an album. 'Speed.Madness..Flying Saucers...' was their debut album and
has been unavailable since 1980. Swankly packaged with four page 12" booklet featuring
lots of rare ephemera, posters and flyers, lyrics and the illustration found in the
original gatefold artwork.
BRC     19      HUMMINGBIRDS            HUMMINGBIRDS                    LP      04.2018
BRC     20      BABES IN TOYLAND        HANDSOME AND GRETEL             7"      06.2016

        A       Handsome And Gretel
        AA      Pearl

Originally released in June 1991 as a limited edition release on Insipid Vinyl, this
single sold out pretty much within the month after it was NME's single of the week
and received repeated spins by John Peel on the BBC. (Fun fact: he actually even
reached out to request a copy of the record before it was released!)

7"      Insipid Vinyl   IV 001          1991    Australia
BRCCD   21      BABES IN TOYLAND        REDEUX                          2LP     11.2016
BRCCD   21      BABES IN TOYLAND        REDEUX                          CD      11.2016

        1       Swamp Pussy                                     2:22
        2       He's My Thing                                   2:57
        3       Vomit Heart                                     2:48
        4       Dust Cake Boy                                   3:32
        5       Spit To See The Shine                           2:45
        6       Catatonic                                       2:51
        7       Ripe                                            3:40
        8       Right Now                                       2:20
        9       Bruise Violet                                   2:52
        10      Bluebell                                        2:22
        11      Handsome & Gretel                               1:51
        12      Pearl                                           1:57
        13      Won't Tell                                      2:27
        14      Spun                                            3:03
        15      Oh Yeah                                         3:17
        16      Drivin'                                         3:17
        17      Sweet '69                                       4:05
        18      Ariel                                           4:24

CD compiles tracks from four key releases in the BABES IN TOYLAND discography, Spanking
Machine from 1990, To Mother from 1991, Fontanelle from 1992 and Nemisisters from 1995.
BRC     022     THE HOLLYWOOD STARS : KING OF THE NIGHTTIME WORLD       7"      03.2017

        02.     TOO HOT TO HANDLE
        03.     HABITS


        01.     What Is Quicksand?
        02.     Im On The Lamb
        03.     Gil Blanco County
        04.     Donovans Monkey
        05.     Ragamuffin Dumplin
        06.     Curse Of The Hidden Mirrors
        07.     Arthur Comics
        08.     A Fact About Sneakers
        09.     St Cecilia

Recorded for Elektra in 1968, this was meant to be the debut-album by THE STALK-FORREST
GROUP. Though a promotional single (featuring the session's tracks 'What Is Quicksand'
and 'Arthur Comics') was pressed and sent exclusively to radio stations, the LP-release
never happened at the time. One year later the band would re-emerge as the BLUE OYSTER
CULT. fans of that legendary band will go nuts with this vinyl edition of the Stalk
-Forrest Group's 1968 Elektra recordings.
BRC     25      JOHNNY HARRIS           MOVEMENTS                       LP      10.2017

        01.     Fragment Of Fear
        02.     Reprise
        03.     Stepping Stones
        04.     Something
        05.     Give Peace A Chance
        06.     Footprints On The Moon
        07.     Light My Fire
        08.     Wichita Lineman
        09.     Paint It Black

Recorded live at the Royal Albert Hall in London and originally released in 1972,
Johnny Harris' album 'Movements' now sees its first ever vinyl-reissue. The first
three tracks were taken from the David Hemmings movie 'Fragment Of Fear'. Since
original copies are nearly impossible to trace down, this is a most welcome edition.
BRC     26      BABES IN TOYLAND        SPANKING MACHINE                LP      10.2017

        01.     Swamp Pussy
        02.     He's My Thing
        03.     Vomit Heart
        04.     Never
        05.     Boto(w)rap
        06.     Dogg
        07.     Pain In My Heart
        08.     Lashes
        09.     You're Right
        10.     Dust Cake Boy
        11.     Fork Down Throat

A vinyl-reissue of the first album by Babes In Toyland, originally released in 1990 
and produced by the now legendary Jack Endino. 'Spanking Machine' was the record that
kicked down many doors for the band.
BRC     027     MEIC STEVENS            OUTLANDER                       LP      11.2018

One of the most acclaimed acid-folk LP's from the early '70s, Meic Stevens'
'Outlander', gets reissued on vinyl.
BRC     028     FRICTION                DEATH CULT 911                  7"      07.2018

Formed in 1978, Friction were Helen Carter (later of Do Re Mi), Ruby D (who went onto
other areas of the arts), Danny Rumour (S.P.K, Sekret Sekret & The Cruel Sea) and Fiona
Warner (whose brother, Bruce was in The Thought Criminals).
BRC     029     MIKE TINGLEY            ABSTRACT PRINCE                 LP      02.2019

Finally reissued on vinyl (with reproduced cover artwork) is a delightful, heavily
orchestrated, baroque-tinged pop-psych gem, originally released in 1968 by Decca in
The Netherlands only. Hailing from the south of California, musician Mike Tingley
travelled Europe, but soon found himself stranded in Amsterdam, ofcourse flat broke.
In order to earn some money he started playing small coffee houses and bars.
An influential A&R manager got tipped, which resulted in a superb album, recorded
with some of Holland's top studio musicians and with involvement from producer Tony
Vos (also known from the psychedelic days of a.o. Boudewijn de Groot and Cuby & The


BRCPR   01      V / A                   AUSTRALIAN ANALOGUE ARCHIVE     CD      02.2016

        1       Toni McCann             No
        2       Derek's Accent          Ain't Got No Feelin'3
        3       Blues Rags'n'Hollers    Got Love If You Want It
        4       The Five                There's Time
        5       The Sunsets             Animal
        6       The Id                  Feel Awright
        7       The Id                  Watch Out
        8       Buster Brown            Buster Brown
        9       Buster Brown            Something To Say
        10      Jeff St John's Copperwine : Cloud Nine
        11      Jeff St John's Copperwine : Can't Find My Way Home
        12      Ray Brown (4), Moonstone : Start Of A New Day
        13      Ray Brown (4), Moonstone : Oh, Sarah
        14      Carrl & Jane Myriad     Lovers In The Mirror
        15      Carrl & Janie Myriad    The Ballad Of Rachelene
        16      The Sunsets             A Theme From A Life In The Sun
        17      John Sangster           Comin' Home Baby
        18      John Sangster           (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
        19      John Sangster           Expo
        20      John Sangster           Love Is Blue
        21      John Sangster           Hare Krishna
        22      John Sangster           Let The Sunshine In
                (Note : CD , promo sampler only)
(From: 1.