Distr.  : UK - Norman/Piccadilly/
Style   : synth pop /

INKE    3       YELLO                   FRAUTONIUM                      2x12"   06.2017

12"/1   A.      Warehouse - Andrew Weatherall Remix
        B.      Half-Life - Andrew Weatherall Remix

12"/2   C.      Battery - Andrew Weatherall Remix
        D1.     Reactor - Andrew Weatherall Remix
        D2.     Lombok - Ian Tregoning Ambient Version
                (Note : double 12" , 1000 copies)

Yello were formed in Switzerland in 1979 and continue the gap between Kraftwerk,
Laibach, 80s pop and rave. Bonkers as they are, this leads to a multi levelled
appreciation. Remix lord Andrew Weatherall takes his favourite song from their 2016
album Toy and reworks it into four distinctively diverse versions, from disco, to
electro and ambient.