BLACK SWEAT RECORDS                     ITALY

Distr.  : IT - 
          UK - Boomkat/Norman/
          NE - Clear Spot
          US - Darla/Forced Exposure/
Style   : world / psychedelic / krautrock / lounge / easy tune / library /

BS      001     EDEN AHBEZ              EDEN'S ISLAND                   LP      08.2012

Eden's Island / The Wanderer / Myna Bird / Eden's Cove / Tradewind / Full Moon ////
Mongoose / Market Place / Banana Boy / The Old Boat / Island Girl / La Mar / Surf Rider
BS      002     AL DOUM & THE FARYDS    POSITIVE FORCE                  LP      06.2014
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
BS      003
BS      004
BS      005     EMBRYO                  MESSAGE FROM ERA ORA            LP      06.2014
BS      006
BS      007     ARIEL KALMA             OSMOSE                          LP      06.2014
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)                                LP      10.2015

An amazing Krautrock/nature hybrid masterwork. Warm washes of synthesizer, tribal war
drums and drones galore all mixed with the sounds of the rainforest, crickets, frogs,
even flies - Osmose was originally released in 1978 and found minimalist composer Ariel
Kalma using all manner of keyboards, saxophone, harmonium, delays, effects, even
circular breathing, to compose gorgeously minimal, softly spacey slow drifting ambient
BS      008     PIOTR KUREK             EDENA                           LP      10.2013

        A1.     Becoming Light
        A2.     Tonal Colors
        A3.     Edena
        B1.     Untitled
        B2.     The Goddess Eye
        B3.     Desires
                (Note : LP , transparent red vinyl)
BS      009     FUTURO ANTICO : DAI PRIMITIVI ALL' ELETTRONICA          LP      03.2014

        A1.     Eco Raga
        A2.     Piano Synt
        A3.     Sinikoro Kuma
        B1.     Concrete Music - Oa Oa
        B2.     Suoni Naturali - Ladak - Tagu Tamu
                (Note : LP , 300 copies worldwide)

Originally released in 1980, now back on vinyl, here's a superb album that blends
cosmic vibes with ancient, ethnic and analog electronic music in a minimalistic way.
Futuro Antico was a short lived collaboration between Italians Walter Maioli (Aktuala)
and Riccardo Sinigaglia, and Gabin Dabir from Burkina Faso.
BS      010     FUTURO ANTICO           FUTURO ANTICO                   LP      03.2014
                (Note : LP , 300 copies)
BSCD    010     FUTURO ANTICO           FUTURO ANTICO                   CD      03.2014

        01.     Ao - Ao
        02.     Schirak
        03.     Uata Aka
        04.     Futuro Antico

This obscure gem from Italian project Futuro Antico appears on vinyl for the first
time. Originally released on tape only in 1980, this record presents truly hypnotic
recordings featuring Walter Maioli (Aktuala) and Riccardo Sinigaglia. The warm analogue
sounds reveal a perfect mix of drone synth and ancient, oriental flutes. This CD
(released in an edition of 300 copies) is highly recommended to anyone who digs the
legendary live recordings of Terry Riley and Don Cherry in Cologne! 
BS      011     DR. HOFFMAN/LES BAXTER/RAVEL : FIRST ELECTRONIC         LP      03.2014
                CHILLOUT MUSIC
                (Note : LP , digitally remastered & limited to 300 copies
BS      012     MAURIZIO ABATE          A WAY TO NOWHERE                LP      09.2014

BS      013     JD EMMANUEL             ECHOES FROM ANCIENT CAVES       LP+DLc  11.2014

        A1.     Sunrise On A Tibetan Hillside
        A2.     Song Of The Whale
        A3.     Memories Of Atlantis
        A4.     In Movement On The Rings Of Saturn
        B1.     Infinity 7
        B2.     River Movement
        B3.     Earth Dance
        B4.     Echoes From Ancient Caves
                (Note : LP , 500 copies)

Vinyl reissue of the 1981 opus from electronic wizard Emmanuel. The material reflects
extensively on the poetics of the cyclic and mantric sound investigated by other
pioneers such as Terry Riley and La Monte Young. Includes download.
BS      014     AL DOUM & THE FARYDS    COSMIC LOVE                     LP      09.2014
                (Note : LP , 400 copies)
Good vibrations and resonances are distributed along nine tracks, exploring worlds of
peace. Jungle, abysses, distant stars, every place can be right to express the 'Cosmic
Love'. Expect a blend of traditional and exotic instruments, including space effects
and loving choirs. Limited to 400 copies.
BS      015 LP  ARIEL KALMA             OPEN LIKE A FLUTE               2LP     03.2015
                (Note : double LP , 300 copies)

Here's a double vinyl reissue of Kalma's 1983 album, offering Indian ragas mixed
with embroidered electronic textures on which flute and sax explore the most secret
archetypal elements of nature.
BS      016 LP  DON ROBERTSON           CELESTIAL ASCENT                LP      06.2015

        A.      Orace Of Love
        B.      Isis Unveiled

(Note :  American multi-instrumentalist, orig. issued in 1969)
BS      017 LP  M. ZALLA (PIERO UMILIANI) : PROBLEMI D'OGGI             LP      06.2015
BS      018     J.D. EMMANUEL           ELECTRONIC MINIMAL MUSIC        3LP     04.2016

LP 1    A1.     Movement Into Lightspeed
        A2.     Grandioso
        B1.     7 Note Trance
        B2.     Changling

LP 2    C1.     March Of The Colossus
        C2.     Infinity 7 
        C3.     Whirlwind
        D1.     Free Flight
        D2.     Engaging Warp Speed
        D3.     Cloud Watching

LP 3    E1. Trance 46
        E2. Driving Force
        F. Frantic

        A1.     Square In A Circle
        A2.     Klopfgeister
        B1.     Pneumonoultramicroscopiaillicovulcanocordiasis
        B2.     Circle In A Square
        B3.     Bremsstrahlung
BS      021     MOGGI                   TENSTONE                        LP      06.2016

        A1      Staccato E Tremolo
        A2      Pedale In Suspence
        A3      L'Orco
        A4      Segnali Da Marte
        A5      Prefiche
        A6      Clavinet Suspence 
        A7      Pianofender Suspence
        A8      Tremolo Ossessivo
        A9      Tema In Suspence
        A10     Intermezzo Neutro
        B1      Pedale Lancinante
        B2      Espressivo E Drammatico
        B3      Notte D'Orrore
        B4      Basso In Suspence
        B5      Suspence Sommessa
        B6      L'Orchessa
        B7      Marcia Suspence
        B8      Archi Informali
        B9      Fascia Ossessiva 1:15
        B10     Suspence Interlocutoria

Piero Umiliani (under his mysterious Moggi moniker) weighs in with another AWOL library
gem, originally from 1979. On 'Tensione' the Maestro goes resolutely left field and off
track with an intra-personal exploration of the disturbed inner psyche within the human
condition. Distressed electro beacons are unleashed as de-tuned predatory Carpenter
-esque synth patterns come to the fore (check 'Clavinet Suspence' for primal audio
blastings to a lost unnamed 80s slasher movie).
BS      022     M. ZALLA (PIERO UMILIANI) : MONDO INQUIETO              LP      06.2016

        A1.     Mondo Inquieto
        A2.     Emarginati
        A3.     Stato D'Ansia
        A4.     Attualita'
        A5.     Riforme
        A6.     Boicottaggio
        A7.     Strategia
        A8.     Recessione
        A9.     Fermenti
        B1.     Doppio Gioco
        B2.     Incidenti
        B3.     Situazione
        B4.     Sotto Il Talone
        B5.     Eversione
        B6.     Crisi 
        B7.     Popoli Inquieti
        B8.     Sanzioni
        B9.     Inquietudine

Maestro Piero Umiliani returns in the alter ego guise of M. Zalla for the 1974
compositional library piece 'Mondo Inquieto' via his far reaching, experimentalist
imprint Sound Work Shop. Ambient tensions are represented via a dramatic cross
fertilisation of orchestral strings, layered synths and primeval percussion with the
Maestro on moody, reflective compositional duties.
BS      023     ARIEL KALMA : MUSIQUE POUR LE REVE ET L'AMOUR           2LP     03.2016

LP 1    A.      Musique Pour Le Reve Et L'Amour (Part 1)
        B.      Musique Pour Le Reve Et L'Amour (Part 2)

LP 2    C.      Music For Dream And Love (Part 1)
        D.      Music For Dream And Love (Part 2)

This work, which appeared on two different cassettes in 1981 and 1982, is ideally one
unique project. On 'Musique Pour Le Reve Et L'Amour' Kalma infinitely expands the
reverberations of the flute multiplying the nuances with the phasing and loops of
organs that recall the beginnings of Terry Riley. The second part ('Music For Dream
And Love') is structured like an oceanic carpet of aquatic and airy reflected sounds,
an unlimited shore from which seem to be emerging voices of celestial entities.
BS      024     ARIEL KALMA             INTERFREQUENCE                  LP      03.2016

        A1.     Generus
        A2.     Casiopee
        A3.     Oasis
        A4.     Retour D'Elle
        A5.     Danse Soeur
        A6.     Promenade
        A7.     Round You Go
        A8.     Merry Forest
        B1.     Barimpa
        B2.     Gaite Blue
        B3.     Vers Gaite
        B4.     Rep Voc
        B6.     Trompe Vie 
        B5.     Zdunska Wola
        B7.     Chinassou
        B8.     Ba-Tu-Kalma
        B9.     Interfrequence
        B10.    Source Fraiche
BS      025     I.P. SON GROUP          I.P. SON GROUP                  LP      11.2016

        01      Raggio Di Sole                                  03:55
        02      A'Ny                                            04:10
        03      Al Sabri                                        01:37
        04      Sahara                                          07:59
        05      Flauti Al Circo                                 02:50
        06      Fatimah                                         04:49
        07      I Sing The Dawn                                 07:19
        08      La Gazzella                                     01:13
        09      Zighiny                                         05:38

(Note :  LP was originally released on Ultima Spiaggia in 1975)
                [Sounds From Jungle, Natural Objects, Echo And
                Electronic Waves]

                Disc 1
        01      Track 1                                         15:18
        02      Track 2                                         16:15
                Disc 2
        01      Track 3                                         15:21
        02      Track 4                                         15:19
BS      027     MAURIZIO ABATE : LONELINESS DESIRE AND REVENGE          LP      11.2015

This 8-track album marks a big change for experimental musician Maurizio Abate. After
many years of psychedelic albums on which improvisation was combined with a creative
recording process, he composed an entire album based on the traditional acoustic
BS      028     WAYNE SIEGEL            EARLY WORKS                     CD      12.2016

        01      Autumn Resonance                                26:06
        02      Domino Figures                                  18:45
        03      Voices Recurrent                                13:15
        04      Music For 21 Clarinets                          15:43
BS      029     WAYNE SIEGEL : AUTUMN ROMANCE/DOMINO FIGURES            LP      11.2016

        01      Autumn Resonance                                26:06
        02      Domino Figures                                  18:45

Post-Minimalism album composed by Wayne Siegel when he was mid-twenties. Moved from US
to Denmark, between 1979 and 1980, he began to investigate possibilities of a very
personal language, contributing to mould the heterogeneous kaleidoscope of Post-Minimal
ism results.
Black Sweat Records proposes the awaited reissue of Siegelís LP. Compared to the
original 1983ís release by danish label Paula, are now included authentic pictures
from the performance of Domino Figures, so that finally return visual results of
SIegelís works as part of his contribution to contemporary arts. Moreover, the present
reissue presents precious liner notes written by the author, echoing the current value
of his experimental approach to the sound practice.
BS      030     GAETANO LIGHUORI COLLECTIVE ORCHESTRA                   LP      11.2016
BSCD    030     GAETANO LIGHUORI COLLECTIVE ORCHESTRA                   CD      11.2016

        01      Collective Suite                                21:19
        02      Nuova Resistenza                                18:29

Gaetano Liguori is a notable pioneer of free-jazz music in Italy, and his Collective
Orchestra was a large ensemble he formed for the purpose of exploring the possibilities
latent in the countryís young improvisers circa the mid-70s. This, the only album they
recorded, still sounds fired-up and radically inventive today. Reissued by Black Sweat
Filled with power and imagination and originally released in 1976 on Pdu, thanks to
Black Sweat it is finally available again.
BS      031     FUTURO ANTICO           ISOLE DEL SUONO                 LP      11.2016

        01      Track 1                                         21:37
        02      Track 2                                         06:24
        03      Track 3                                         06:58
        04      Track 4                                         05:57

Previously unreleased high quality recordings from the Italian experimental trio
Futuro Antico. This live performance took place in Bologna at the festival Isole Del
Suono on July 17th, 1980.
BS      032     ZEIT : UN GIORNO IN UNA PIAZZA DEL MEDITERRANEO         LP      03.2017

        01      Ruz                                             07:06
        02      Circus                                          02:48
        03      Echi D'Acqua                                    01:31
        04      Ritmo Berbero                                   05:48
        05      Il Mosaico                                      07:32
        06      Vetri E Canne                                   01:04
        07      Tema Oscuro                                     10:02
        08      Sintesi                                         03:17

Originally released in 1979. Italian music scene's renewed interest in sound research
involved a stimulating fusion of popular elements, jazz improvisation, and suggestions
of the middle-oriental classical heritage.
BS      033     ZEIT : IL CERCHIO DEGLI ANTICHI COLORI                  LP+7"   03.2017

LP      01      Una Danza Infinita                              03:18
        02      Duo                                             00:48
        03      Vincigliata                                     03:16
        04      Gli Antichi Colori                              09:06
        05      Sirtos                                          02:39
        06      Nuovo Orizzonte                                 05:01
        07      Un Altro Occidente                              05:23
        08      Kalimba                                         04:03
        09      In Cerchio                                      03:03

7"      01      Kolo E Variazione                               06:08
        02      Corde D'Amore                                   07:14

Originally released in 1981.
BS      034     TELAIO MAGNETICO        LIVE 1975                       LP      07.2017
BS      035     GRUPPO AFRO MEDITERRANEO : 1972 BLUES JAZZ SESSION      LP      03.2017

        01      Afro Mediterraneo Blues                         18 :20
        02      Dondolando Sul 24                               07 :12
        03      La Piantagione Del Blue                         06 :52
        04      Cap. Roland Kirk                                03 :55

Unreleased recordings of future members of Aktuala and I.P. Son Group.
BS      036     PIERO UMILIANI          GENTI E PAEST DEL MONDO         LP      06.2016

        A1.     Deserto Che Avanza
        A2.     Antiche Capitali
        A3.     Viaggio Nel Tempo
        A4.     Viaggio Nel Tempo
        A5.     Genti Del Mondo 
        A6.     Paesi Del Mondo
        A7.     Corale Mistico
        A8.     Religioni Primitive
        B1.     Spazi Desolati
        B2.     Civilta Lontane
        B3.     Messaggio Dall'Oriente
        B4.     Corni Rituali
        B5.     Continente Perduto
        B6.     Calamita Naturali
        B7.     Natura Vergine
        B8.     Vento E Sabbia
        B9.     Monodia Primitiva

Released in 1975 via his prolific Omicron imprint, 'Genti E Paesi Del Mondo' is a
return to the ethnic flavours so beloved of Umiliani's zeitgeist. On 'Genti E Paesi
Del Mondo' sparse, eerie electronic confections spar in unison alongside moody
transgressional vibes. Umiliani's mysterious pathways unlock a trinket box echoing
the Germanic stylings of Wolperath's Plank Studio and Herzog-era Popol Vuh.
BS      37      JURI CAMISASCA          EVOLUZIONE INTERIORE            2LP     03.2018
BSCD    37      JURI CAMISASCA          EVOLUZIONE INTERIORE            CD      03.2018

        01.     La Consapevolezza Che Tutto Pervade (Part 1)
        02.     La Consapevolezza Che Tutto Pervade (Part 2)
        03.     Sincronie (Part 1)
        04.     Sincronie (Part 2)
BS      038     ARCHIE SHEPP : MEETS KAHIL EL'ZAHAR'S RITUAL TRIO       2LP     06.2018

A highly regarded 1999 collaborational jazz-LP sees its awaited reissue on 2LP!
BS      039 LP  DSR LINES               SPOEL                           2LP     07.2017

Black Sweat Records present a vinyl issue of DSR Lines' Spoel, which appeared only
on cassette in 2014. This new double LP edition features three unreleased tracks.

This acclaimed improv jazz set, recorded in 1982, sees a fine reissue on vinyl.
BS      041     DEUTER : PRINCESS OF DAWN/SOUNDTRACK                    LP      03.2018

        01.     Princess Of Dawn
        02.     Winter Sun
        03.     Triad
        04.     Tom Bombadils Dance
        05.     Pearls
        06.     Arabia
        07.     Crayfish
        08.     Deep Sea
        09.     Starlight
        10.     Phoenix
        11.     Hoodle - Doodle
        12.     Gotic Velvet
        13.     Green Cherub
        14.     Desert - Rock
        15.     Synthi Effect
        16.     Flea - Dance
        17.     Flea - Dance II
        18.     Laser
        19.     Up & Down
        20.     Desert - Rock II
        21.     Kolibri
        22.     Elefantentempel
        23.     Reed
        24.     Singing Bell
        25.     Evening

Reissue of a private press library recording from the early '70s. 'Soundtrack' was
originally produced by Kuckuck in 1973 not for an official and public release, but
as a "library" to be used for films, TV and radio.
BS      042 LP  ARIOEL KALMA            FRENCH ARCHIVES 1977-1980       4LP     01.2018

        01.     ARIEL KALMA             Planet Ariel
        02.     ARIEL KALMA             Pas Ternelle
        03.     ARIEL KALMA             Star Juggler
        04.     ARIEL KALMA             Flamadanse
        05.     ARIEL KALMA             Sarasvati Planet
        06.     ARIEL KALMA             Part 1
        07.     ARIEL KALMA             Part 2
        08.     ARIEL KALMA             Entrance K7
        09.     ARIEL KALMA             Slow Space Rumba
        10.     ARIEL KALMA             White Space
        11.     ARIEL KALMA             Space Morse 2
        12.     ARIEL KALMA             Force Et Courage
        13.     ARIEL KALMA             Slow Trancing
        14.     ARIEL KALMA             Out Of Breath
        15.     ARIEL KALMA             Ajna Vision
        16.     ARIEL KALMA             Saint Julien Harmo Flute
        17.     ARIEL KALMA             Planet Air Variation

Another indispensable compendium of the great French experimental artist's musical
opera. With this four-LP box set of fully unreleased archival materials, Ariel Kalma
ideally retraces the map of his own path and spiritual journey during the '70s.
BS      43      MAURIZIO ABATE          STANDING WATERS                 LP      03.2018

        01.     Odonata
        02.     Shaping The Mud
        03.     Nymphs Dance
        04.     Pond Mood
        05.     Standing Crumbling

With this work Maurizio Abate recovers the discourse started with 'Loneliness, Desire
And Revenge' (2016) but with a different narrative sensitivity. This work can be placed
in parallel with the basic acoustic tests of others like Jim O'Rourke, Jack Rose or
James Blackshaw.
                DE PANURGE

        01.     Coming Together
        02.     Attica
        03.     Les Moutons De Panurge
BS      45      GARRETT LIST            YOUR OWN SELF                   LP      11.2018

0       1.      Your Own Self (Pt. 1)
0       2.      Your Own Self (Pt. 2)
BS      46      DSR LINES               VENNDIAGRAM                     LP      02.2019

David Edren confirms himself as a cosmic courier and wizard of synths with the organic
electronic music included in 'Venndiagram'. Released for the first time on LP, it
appeared only on tape in 2013.

        01.     All That Heaven Allows
        02.     Isak Sundstrom - Imitation Of Life
        03.     Magnificent Obsession
        04.     The Tarnished Angels
        05.     Written On The Wind


BS      50      RICCARDO SINIGAGLIA+TRIO CAVALAZZI : IN FA              LP      02.2019