Distr.  : NE - Shiny Beast/
Style   : pop / rock / wave /

BLR     3       C.MEMI & NEO MATISSE    NO CHOCOLATE                    7"      08.2018

        A       NO CHOCOLATE
        B       DREAM'S DREAM

Originally dating back to 1980, this classic Japanese new wave/underground cult single
sees its awaited reissue.
BLR     4       DIASTEREOMER            IGNITION ADVANCER               LP      11.2018

Diastereomer was a new wave two-piece formed in Tokyo by high school friends Katsuya
Shoman and Yoshio Tanaka in 1986. An exemplar of 1980s Japanese darkwave, the band's
lone release was the 1989 private press 'Mothersun' 7". Now, remastered from the
original reels, Bitter Lake Recordings present to you the songs from the "Mothersun"
7", along with a selection of unreleased studio tracks from 1987-1991 that paint
a more coherent picture of what made Diastereomer.