BIKINI KILL RECORDS                     6427 Northeast 6th Ave.
*******************                     Portland , OR 97211


Start   : 2012
Distr.  : UK - Boomkat/Norman/
          US - Forced Exposure/Dischord/
Style   : indie / alternative /

BK      001     BIKINI KILL             REVOLUTION GIRL STYLE NOW!      LP      09.2015
BK      001 CD  BIKINI KILL             REVOLUTION GIRL STYLE NOW!      CD      09.2015

        1       Candy
        2       Daddy's L'il Girl
        3       Feels Blind
        4       Suck My Left One
        5       Carnival
        6       This Is Not A Test
        7       Double Dare Ya
        8       Liar
        9       O       cean Song
        10      Just Once
        11      Playground

(Note : reissue of their original demo tape featuring 3 unreleased tracks. Originally
        recorded by Pat Maley and self released by the band in 1991. This reissue was
        mixed by Guy Picciotto (Fugazi) and mastered by John Golden. First time on
BK      002     BIKINI KILL             BIKINI KILL                     12"+DLc 11.2012

        A.      Double Dare Ya / Liar / Carnival
        B.      Suck My Left One / Feels Blind / Thurston Hearts The Who
                (Note : 20th anniversary reissue includes a new fanzine
                in the form of a 34"x21" poster)

12"     Kill Rock Stars KRS 204         1992    US
BK      003     BIKINI KILL             YEAH, YEAH, YEAH, YEAH EP       LP+DLc  04.2014

        1.      White Boy
        2.      This is Not a Test
        3.      Don't Need You
        4.      Jigsaw Youth
        5.      Resist Psychic Death
        6.      Rebel Girl
        7.      Outta Me
        8.      George Bush is a Pig
        9.      I Busted in Your Chevy Window
        10.     Get Out
        11.     Why
        12.     Fuck Twin Peaks
        13.     Girl Soldier
        14.     Not Right Now

(Note : Includes Download Code Redeemable From The Label - Remastered with 7 previously
        unreleased tracks and new liner notes** Reissue of Bikini Killís second EP,
        recorded in 1992 with Tim Green (Nation of Ulysses) at The Embassy)
BK      004     BIKINI KILL             THE FIRST TWO RECORDS           CD      06.2015

                Double Dare Ya
                Suck My Left One
                Feels Blind
                Thurston Hearts the Who
                White Boy
                This is Not a Test
                Donít Need You
                Jigsaw Youth
                Resist Psychic Death
                Rebel Girl
                Outta Me
                George Bush is a Pig
                I Busted in Your Chevy Window
                Get Out
                Fuck Twin Peaks
                Girl Soldier
                Not Right Now

(Note : remastered CD version of "Bikini Kill EP" and "Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah LP". Incl.
        7 previously unreleased tracks)
BK      10      BIKINI KILL             THE SINGLES                     LP      09.2018
BK      10      BIKINI KILL             THE SINGLES                     CD      09.2018

        1.      New Radio
        2.      Rebel Girl
        3.      Demirep
        4.      In Accordance To Natural Law
        5.      Strawberry Julius
        6.      Anti-Pleasure Dissertation
        7.      Rah! Rah! Replica
        8.      I Like Fucking
        9.      I Hate Danger

Bikini Kill's The Singles was initially released in 1998 as a CD only compilation of
all of Bikini Killís 7Ēs. It includes the band's collaboration with Joan Jett on the
New Radio (1993) single as well as the long out of print Anti Pleasure Dissertation
(1995) and I Like Fucking (1995) singles.
BK      14      BIKINI KILL             NEW RADIO                       7"        .2017

        1       New Radio
        2       Rebel Girl
        3       Demirep

A reissue of Bikini Kill's New Radio 7" EP. The single features the most well known
version of their song "Rebel Girl" as well as the title track and "Demirep." The
songs were recorded in April 1993 at Avast Studios in Seattle, WA. The session was
engineered by John Goodmanson and produced by Joan Jett. Jett also played second
guitar and contributed backup vocals. Kathleen sang lead, Bill played guitar, Tobi
played drums, and Kathi played bass. Joan Jett appears courtesy of Blackheart Records.
This pressing is on red vinyl.