BIGGES                                  ESTONIA

Distr.  : ES -
          UK - Piccadilly
Style   : techno / house /

Hailing from Estonia, both artist and label here displaying an unadulterated love for
all things filter house, pitching up the r'n'b vox for xxxtra stimulation! It's hard
to pick a favourite - highly kinetic from start to finish with the catchiest,
saccharine-laced hooks, pumpin' side chained bass section and a terrace friendly
arrangement that'll make Shir Khan run back into his studio with his tail between his
legs! Serious folks, big house music this; big smiles and fist pumps guaranteed.

BIGGES  001     BIGGES DJS              BIGGES 001                      12"     12.2017

        A1.     In Around
        A2.     Turnin Me On
        B1.     Love 4 Sale
        B2.     Humala