BIG PINK CAKE RECORDS                   Bristol
*********************                   U K

September 2009 saw the transformation of Big Pink Cake from a club night in
Bristol to a full-on record label.

Distr.  : UK - Theespc/Piccadilly/
Style   : indie / jangle pop /

BPC     001     V / A : PIECE OF CAKE ! AN INDIEPOP COMPILATION         CD      06.2011

                VIC GODDARD & THE BITTER SPRINGS : Blackpool
                ELECTROPHONVINTAGE      Burgundy
                THE HI-LIFE COMPANION   Night Comes Down
                AMIDA                   You've Changed Baby Girl
                HOROWITZ                Hug Target
                THE KICK INSIDE         Oh Vanity !
                THE SHORT STORIES       Play Your Cards Right
                THE PARALLELOGRAMS      Orchard Square
                COCOANUT GROOVE         End Of Summer On Bookbinder Road
                THE PETE GREEN CORPORATE JUGGERNAUT : One Monday Morning
                THE WESTFIELD MINING DISASTER : Everyone's So Spiteful In This Town
                THE MAI 68s             For Gary G
                FRANCOIS                Tour De France
                SANTA DOG               Pop Coloured
                THE WENDY DARLINGS      Boy Candy
                COUNTRYSIDE             Trippin Sunshine
                SECRET SHINE            Adored
                ARCTIC CIRCLE           Meanwhile Gardens
                THE MANHATTAN LOVE SUICIDES : Never Far From You
                VANILLA RIDE            Rocket Bicycle
        21.     POCKETBOOKS             Fleeting Moments
BPC     004     THE GROOVE FARM : IT'S ONLY INDIE POP BUT LIKE IT       CD      07.2011

Surfin' Into Your Heart / It Always Rains On Sunday / The Best Part Of being With You /
Stop! / Baby Blue Marine / The Big Black Plastic Explosion (It's Alright It's Alright)
/ It Might Not Mean That Much To You But It Means A Lot Me / Heaven Is Blue / I'm Never
Going To Fall In Love Again / Couldn't Get To Sleep / Driving In Your New Car (Triumph
Herald) / You Can't Deny It , Can You ? / Just A Silly Phase I'm Going Through / Capt.
Fantastic / Something's Going Wrong / In The Summertime / I Can't Dance With You / No
Friend Of Mine / Nancy Sinatra / Don't Try That Old Routine On Me / Watching The World
Go By / That's Deceit / No One Like You
BPC     005     THE GARLANDS : You Never Notice // Continue             7"      12.2011
BPC     006     THE KICK INSIDE         EVER THE OPTIMIST EP            CDEP    12.2011