BALLEY RECORDS                          Bristol
**************                          UK

Owner   : Joe "Idles" Talbot
Distr.  : UK - Rough Trade/Norman/
          US - Forced Exposure/
          NE - Clear Spot
Style   : post punk /

BALLEY  001 LP  IDLES                   BRUTALISM                       LP+DLc  05.2017
                (Note : LP , black vinyl)
BALLEY  001 LP  IDLES                   BRUTALISM                       LP+DLc  05.2017
                (Note : LP , 300 copies on transp.-light blue vinyl)
BALLEY  001 CD  IDLES                   BRUTALISM                       CD      05.2017

        1.      Heel / Heal
        2.      Well Done
        3.      Mother
        4.      Date Night
        5.      Faith in the City
        6.      1049 Gotho
        7.      Divide & Conquer
        8.      Rachel Khoo
        9.      Stendhal Syndrome
        10.     Exeter
        11.     Benzocaine
        12.     White Privilege
        13.     Slow Savage

(Note : LP , gatefold sleeve with card inner. Comes with download code)

Bristolís finest post-punk polemics Idles have been promising to do great things for
some time now, and with their debut album Brutalism.

BELLEY  007 LP  LICE                    IT ALL WORKED OUT GREAT         LP      07.2018
BELLEY  007 CD  LICE                    IT ALL WORKED OUT GREAT         CD      07.2018

        01.     Stammering Bill
        02.     Voyeur Picture Salesman
        03.     Teds Dead
        04.     Love Your Island
        05.     Little John Wayne
        06.     Gentlemens Magazine
        07.     In A Previous Life
        08.     Saccharine
        09.     Gentlemens Magazine (2016 Demo)
        10.     Little John Waynes (2016 Demo)
        11.     Teds Dead (2016 Demo)
        12.     Stammering Bill (2016 Demo)

In yer face post-punk from Bristolís Lice with this collection of two previously
released EPs on Joe ďIdlesĒ Talbotís Balley Records. The material has circulated
through the bandís live sets in the last few years and found its way onto record at
last. They sound somewhere between The Fall and Public Image Ltd. to these ears, and
pack in some provocative lyrics and super riffs to boot.

Bristol's Lice are the first signing to Balley Records -- the label run by IDLES' Joe
Talbot. Drawing influence from an abrasive clutch of early post-punk groups such as
The Fall, Psychic TV, Pere Ubu, and PIL, Lice's lyrics deal with subjects such as
xenophobia and misogyny through first-person monologues and short-stories (designed
to confront listeners with their own hateful impulses and biases). Originally released
as two limited-edition CD EPs, this "early years" collection features the songs that
have comprised their live set from 2016 to 2018, having been honed, changed, and
finally completed. "unmissable: Lice play rockabilly hysteria at an unsustainable pace
that collapses deliciously into swampy exhaustion." --The Guardian CD version includes
four bonus tracks.
BALLEY  008 LP  CROWS                   SILVER TONGUES                  LP      04.2019

        1.      Silver Tongues
        2.      Demeanour
        3.      Empyrean
        4.      Wednesday's Child
        5.      Hang Me High
        6.      Crawling
        7.      Chain Of Being
        8.      Tired And Failed
        9.      First Light / False Face
        10.     Dysphoria

Crows are:  James Cox (vocals)
            Steve Goddard (guitar)
            Jith Amarasinghe (bass)
            Sam Lister (drums)

London's Crows were today announced as the latest signing to Balley Records (IDLES,
Heavy Lungs, Lice) and will deliver their long-awaited debut album "Silver Tongues"
on March 22nd. The album's thrilling first single "Chain Of Being", this week's
Lamacq's Livener on 6 Music, is a real statement: a widescreen slice of post-punk
that combines heaviness and brooding melody in equal measures.