Owner   : Interstellar Funk
Distr.  : UK - Norman/Boomkat/Piccadilly/
Style   : industrial / EBM /

AD      001     JOB SIFRE               WORRIES                         12"     09.2017

        1.      Worries
        2.      Intex Excursions
        3.      Planet Stoner
        4.      Element
        5.      Flotter
        6.      A Dime 4ur Decline

A brand new label with its first release being a debut. Interstellar Funkís Artificial
Dance imprint launches with the first outing by Dutch producer Job Sifre. Six tracks
of techno come electro drawing heavily on EBM and industrial. Electronic funk made in
a dusty industrialised bunker in the 80s.
AD      002     DR. C. STEIN            LA BOMBE PLASTIQUE              12"     02.2018

        1.      La Bombe Plastique (Original)
        2.      La Bombe Plastique (Edit)

Great sliver of electro-pop audnuss from Belgiumís Dr C. Stein (aka Dutch minimal
waver Hanjo Erkamp ov Doxa Sinistra and Ende Shneafliet), whom you may remember from
the Selected Works 1983-1988 collection released by Jj funhouse / Trumpett in
late 2017.
AD      003     PASIPHAE                SIPHAX EP                       LP      06.2018

        1.      Tachyons                                        05:36
        2.      Vertical Rotation                               06:09
        3.      Siphax                                          06:35
        4.      Quelque Chose De Mauvais                        05:02
        5.      Quelque Chose De Mal                            03:33
        6.      Hedera                                          07:08

Greek producer Pasiphae pushes a tense, furtive and killer electro-Italo-EBM sound on
Interstellar Funkís Artificial Dance.
AD      004     KING ENDE SHNEAFLIET    DIMENSION MIX 01                LP      09.2018

Ende Shneafliet were an important band in the Dutch minimal/synthwave scene of the
early 80ís. Though only active for a couple of years, the group put out a large amount
of material via pioneering imprint Trumpett (Doxa Sinistra, The Actor). Now some stuff
from their dub-indebted side-project King Ende Shneafliet is being re-pressed by the
still-fresh Artificial Dance. Confusingly Dimension Mix 01 features some tracks from
the second chapter of the series, released in 1999 but recorded in the seven years
after the first instalment was issued in 1981.